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Corey Grant - Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Coach
Canadian Professional Football Team

Corey Grant, Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Coach

Chip Kelly - Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles Football Coach


We love the Signalfan. I am able to give signals to runners and batters quickly and without confusion. Since I began using the signal fan, my girls have hardly missed a signal. I like how easy it is to change the indicator mid game and we have never had a team pick up our signals. I have been told by opposing coaches and umpires, that they tried to pick up our signals and could not.

Cathy Weatherred, U18 Coach Worth Prospects 95 ASA/USA 5th place National winners 2013

Cathy Weatherred's team

We received our Signal Fans in the mail just before we were leaving for our High School Varsity away game.  We went over some basic signs and signals for offense and defense on the bus ride.  We covered bunt, fake bunt, steal, hit and run, who covers second on a steal and 1st and 3rd defense.  Our players love the Signal Fans and they all  wanted to be the one who gave the defensive signals from the dugout.  The best part was that we had no missed signs or signals for the whole game.  First time in 2 years this has happened! Thank you Signal Fan for making my job as coach so much easier!!

Steve Kolesnik from South Lake Tahoe, CA United States

What a great concept, I coached fastpitch softball for 10years, and Umpired Softball, & baseball. Very ingenious Idea, wish you all the success with the Signalfan.


I LOVE the Signal fan. I am using it for Little League 11 & 12 year old boys here in SC.

John R. from Fort Mill, SC

As I began to use The SignalFan at our area high school and with my U-18 ASA team this past softball season, umpires, coaches, parents, and players asked me about it. Our players easily understood the signals and our competition could not figure them out, they mis-guessed multiple times. Even the umpires, who love to decode coaches’ signals, were stumped.

Coach Cakert Softball Coach for High School and ASA

Heading into the 2009 season I challenged myself to find a better solution for sending in offensive and defensive signals to my 12U fastpitch team ... Owasso (Oklahoma) Mischief. I don't know how many times during games I've gotten the deer-in-the-headlight look from batters and catchers. In fact during one game last year, our first base coach was trying to send in a steal signal to our runner at first. He went through all the touches, scrapes, pats, indicator, etc., and still nothing. Finally the first baseman turned to our runner and said, "He wants you to steal. Gosh." I contemplated different ideas and went so far as to wonder if I could MacGyver a radio headset system in helmets or a system of shocks using those dog collars. Then one day while searching for ideas on YouTube, I came across SignalFan. It was brilliant. On the surface it seemed so simple ... almost too simple. But once I got to messing with the fans and jotting down different combinations on paper, it became obvious to me that I had found our solution. When I first unveiled it, the girls thought it was a joke. I told them we were doing it so they better get on board. Which they did. Now they love it. As long as they aren't checking out boys in the stands or pulling out chewies, everyone knows to look, get the signal and execute. We hope Jill has great success with this invention...just keep it out of the Midwest for a year or two while we keep other teams guessing.

Chris Greer Owasso (Oklahoma) Mischief

Owasso Mischief


Coach Cakert's new product works wonders on the field, both offensively and defensively. The bright colors are easily distinguishable, making communication between coach and player simple and effective. Being that the signs are based on colors and not confusing and jumbled hand gestures, it is almost impossible to misread a sign. The best thing about the Signalfan is the fact that each play or signal can be assigned a different color(s), making it impossible for the opposing team to decipher the signs, while still keeping it simple for the team to keep the plays straight.

Evie Captain Varsity High School Softball Team


I was a second baseman, shortstop, and catcher for our ASA U18 softball team. I realized that picking up the signals was so much easier with the Signalfan. Trying to catch each of the coach’s hand movements and read their different styles of signaling was fine, but our team would sometimes miss a signal. It never happened with the SignalFan.

Defensively we used the Fan for pickoff plays, and sometimes for specific pitches, or to move the fielders. Our whole field knew what was going on because we could all see the fan. We didn't have to call timeout to set up plays and there was no need for the coaches to yell across the field.

Offensively, it was so easy to know if I was supposed to bunt, slap, hit and run, suicide squeeze, or fake something. The other team would shout out what they thought was going to happen, only to be wrong every time! They could not figure out our system. It was so much fun to hear them guess incorrectly. Umpires, coaches, and other players asked us about the SignalFan. It was fun having a winning edge.

Carly ASA U18 Softball Player

I have a girl who is hearing impaired and it should be a great way for us to communicate with her. Thanks.

Andrew I. from NY

Thank you for helping me to be a better coach. I will let you know how things go this season.

Kelly B high school coach from Arizona



I have been involved with baseball as a player and a coach for over forty years and I find the SignalFan one of the most refreshing ideas that I’ve seen in years.

The advantages of the product are limited to the coach’s imagination:

This product can be an important part of any winning program. Try it; I ‘m sure you will like it.


John Van Duyne Baseball Coach


We won the 11AA Boys USSSA Louisiana State Championship 2011...Our team name is Lipari Baseball, but most called us the team with the fan...We had fun with it and will use it next year for the 11AA and 12AAA teams...I'll send pic as soon as we can take a good one with our trophy.


Tommy Lipari Baseball Coach

Lipari Baseball

Field Hockey

Coach Dipi Bhaya"Thank you so much for inventing such a unique way to communicate with the players on the field. I used to make laminated color cards and they were so bulky and always a difficult item to carry, but The SignalFan is an amazing product. It is easy to use, light weight, and offers a creative way to send plays in without your opponents ever figuring out what you are doing. The colors are easily seen by the players on the field and it's easy to move the fan in various positons.

I have used The SignalFan for the entire fall 2008 field hockey season and we had the best season ever. We broke the school record for wins and won the East Coast Atlantic Conference Championship. We used it on every offensive corner but, it can also be used in other game situations. We scored more goals this season off our corners because there was no confusion on which corner was to be executed. The only thing about this product that worries me..is when our opponents hear how great it is..they are going to start using it too!"

Coach Dipi Bhaya - Kean University Field Hockey & Lacrosse LAX


"I like the idea of the Signal Fan being waterproof, small, versatile, and .... sneaky. I loved the examples given at the A.C. convention. What I'm going to use them for is two-fold on corners. Each player may be assigned a color, and also various play names might have to do with the colors. For Example, red and white held up might become "Pink" which might be the name of a corner play. Anyway, I think the girls like the idea of "secrets" and if we and only we know what they mean, I think that is exciting to them, and also if we can change it up easily. The best part is the concentration and ownership they have when we're doing the actual planning of how we will use it. It's basically an opportunity to strategize and be creative. I'm sure the kids will be able to come up with uses I wouldn't have thought of. I'll let you know!"

Julie Reisig HS Varsity Field Hockey Coach


"I hope that Signal Fan business is going well. I really like it as do the girls. I primarily use it for field hockey set plays. These are attacking plays and defensive plays. With defensive plays there are really only 4 plays that we can use so that is simple. On the attack, there are many variations and we use all six colours. It really is a time saver and gets them to think out of the box. They have no trouble reading it 50 yards away so that really helps when the penaulty corner occurs at the other end of the field away from us. Too, with 6 different combinations we can truly confuse the defense. We could even decrease the number of plays to say 4 and show the colour not used but instead use a default play to throw the defense off. So many uses!....In fact I could even venture to say that it has contributed to our first place finish this year. Now if we can just make it through the playoffs...Thanks again for the wonderful product!"

Keep your stick on the grass,

Mark Kallevig Coach, Holy Cross Crusaders, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (your first international customer)


"The SignalFan is a great tool to use in the game. It's easy for our players to understand and hard for our opponents to pick up on. It allows for creativity and for our team to focus on the play at hand rather than misreading my signals."

Jaclyn Roesch Varsity Field Hockey Coach


"The possibilities are endless for how you call your corners. We keep the colors the same, and we switch one side or the other or the middle to call our plays."

Coach Tiffany Miller Field Hockey Coach


"It is a nontraditional signal system we never misinterpret. The colors never change only the position of the colors…It is a definite advantage on corners."

Senior, Varsity Field Hockey Team


“It is more confusing for the other team to pick up our plays, but easier for us to read.”

Lauren Senior, Varsity Field Hockey Team



I met you last year at the Atlantic City Field Hockey Conference. Your Signalfan worked wonders for us and our program in Connecticut. We seemed to be the only team out over 20 we faced to use this wonderful tool. The Signalfan is a great on field communication aid and I can't imagine coaching without it! We reached the state quarterfinals for the first time in school history!

Matt Ariniello Immaculate High School, Danbury, CT